2003 ford expedition vibration when turning

My a4wd expedition has been making a loud clicking noise as my wheels or turning. One day about 5 months ago when I was driving I got my front driver side tire stuck in mud as I was getting back onto sid ground it made a loud popping noise, and shook up but seemed like it popped back into place. My husband says he thinks it is the transaxle but he is not certain. Does anyone have an idea what that is?? One day about 5 months ago when I was driving I got my front driver side tire stuck in mud as I was getting b I have an '03 Expedition.

A month ago the driver side window stopped working. It went down but not up. I ordered and replaced the switch box in the driver side door and all the windows worked!

A wee I have a expedition and my driver side window randomly starts working and then stops. The window motor sounds completely fine and the relays and fuses look good when it works.

When it's My ford expo driver side seatbelt no longer snaps locked. I guess another way to explain is the male attachment no longer connects to the female attachment and I am forced to drive unsafely and I have a different car.

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Clicking noise driver side. Report Follow. Mark helpful. Your Answer:. Upload Photo Photo optional. Related Questions. Start a new Ford Expedition question.When accelerating through 55 mph the car vibrates like you are running over rumble strips. It stops immediately, but will also sometimes do it coming down in speed through the mph range.

It is less noticeable when accelerating hard. A friend said this may be the AWD system kicking the front wheels off? Any advice such as guesses on the problem, possible solutions and most importantly the cost of the solutions would be greatly appreciated. James answered 11 years ago. If not AWD, check to see if your front wheels are balanced That would be the cheapest first suggestion.

Dave answered 11 years ago. I was told that this could also be caused by the torque converter going in and out of overdrive. I put some shudder stop in, and we will see. Jeffrey answered 11 years ago. Check your suspension, the Eddie versions had the air suspension, it could be as simple as the compressor filling the suspension. Whatever it is, it would be best to pass through a ford dealership, the expedition is a hard vehicle to diagnose, especially the package versions.

Patrick answered 5 years ago. That is called torque converter shudder. It happens when the truck shifts into overdrive, so the timing of when this happens depends on acceleration, speed, and the incline or decline of the road.

So don't expect it to happen at any given speed. My car has been doing it for about 3 years and so far it has been nothing but a little annoying. Hasn't gotten any worse or caused any damage to the car. Not saying it can't, it just hasn't done it to mine. Quite an expensive repair.

Loud Noise From The Front End

Guru9RR9W answered 2 years ago. I have an 03 also that makes noise, jacked up all four wheels then started it and put it in drive, let idle. I found that left front tire was turning and u-joints to front axel were shot. Jeanette answered 2 years ago. GuruYB answered 2 years ago. Just bought a 98 expedition 2wd with same problem. Has a new front end new tires balanced new rear u joints breaks calipers and rotors everything but motor and trans could this be the torque converter?

Was told cat converter too? Because the motor will almost stall at an idle if u rev the engine up quick.The Explorer has a very well-established record of expensive transmission failure at under k miles. Adding insult to injury, the Explorer also has a massive problem with the rear panel cracking.

Ford Expedition Idle Problem

While it's a minor annoyance compared to transmission failure, ironically the crack usually goes right through the Ford logo. There is a TBS on this problem. I tried changing the rear end fluid, and it helped a little. I'm so tired of this POS! I will never buy another Ford. They think are so good because they have few recalls.

Unfortunately, they should be recalling the entire Explorer line. From what I'm reading, its only a matter of time before I have to put a lot more money into this piece of junk for the transmission. Its not worth it. I'm getting rid of it. Take your pick. Had both rear disc and new brakes installed, new tires all around, noise still there, found this site and find that I have a rear end that needs to be replaced due to it wearing out.

With the same complaints that I have read I think I will try and get rid of my explorer also. I tried to buy American but I think Ford Motor Company has failed to understand that we are the people that keep them in business.

I will switch from ford to something else. Remember when ford and Firestone tires on explorers were causing tip overs and were killing people? I guess they don't care about this problem either. Second time this rear differential bearings and wheel bearings had to be replaced.

This was one not in warranty. Another Explorer rear end differential problem. Started with passenger side rear bearing going while I was driving on the interstate at 70 MPH. Pulled off the highway and found a repair shop. They repaired the problem under the warranty I purchased with the vehicle when I bought it at 87k miles just 3 days before.

Now at around k miles, the warranty I bought is expired and the same very loud rear end noise is happening when I let off the gas to coast for a slower car or coming to a stop that most other people are complaining of. I'm a traveling contractor for a wireless provider,I drive over a thousand miles a week, and I'm just going to keep on going until the thing falls apart. I have found that if I keep just a little pressure on the accelerator and one foot on the brake while coasting, the growling and grinding have gone away for the most part.

I will update when it finally dies and let all of you know what the cost is and hopefully post photos fo the damage. Ford should really take a look at this problem, as it seems very widespread, but they won't unless a bunch of us get together and do something as a group. I'm all in if someone wants to start spreading the word. The sqeaky wheel or growling rear end gets the oil, right?

Now took the explorer into the dealership because of rear end noise. Found out they have to replace the rear bearings and the pinon. Can't understand with under 80, miles on vehicle and treating it extremely well with upkeep that something so out of the usual would go wrong. The rearend has been whining since about 40, miles. The explorer now hasmiles on it. Explorers are great vehicles but this noise is really annoying.

The wife is now wants a freekin Tahoe. Squeaking noise when driving and clanking when changing from park to drive or reverse.As these vehicles gained more creature comforts, they began appealing to people as family vehicles, and not just work and recreation vehicles. This page was created to help you better understand your Fords 4WD system.

When the transfer case is placed in 4WD, the transfer case splits the power between the rear axle, and the front axle. This provides more traction when dealing with mud, snow, or other slick surfaces. The transfer case can either be shifted manually, or by a dash mounted selector switch. The dash switch works by sending power to an electric transfer case shift motor, that shifts the transfer case for you.

In the beginning, Ford used manual locking hubs on their 4WD vehicles. This required you to get out and physically turn a knob on the front wheel hubs to lock the wheel and the axle shaft together. Ford eventually used an actuator, that locks the wheel and axle shaft together when needed. The locking hubs on the Ford Super Duty will be discussed further down this page.

This system includes an electronically controlled transfer case that allows you to shift the transfer case from a dash mounted switch. There will NOT be a 4A setting. Sends power to the rear wheels only and should be used for street and highway driving. Provides optimal smoothness and fuel economy at high speeds. This mode is not for use on dry pavement.

Intended only for off-road applications such as deep sand, steep grades, or pulling heavy objects. Refer to Shifting to or from 4L 4X4 low for proper operation. Note: Do not perform this operation if the rear wheels are slipping or while applying the accelerator pedal. Note: You may hear some noise as the system shifts or engages; this is normal.

You can move the control from 2H or 4H at a stop or while driving. The information display may display a message indicating a 4X4 shift is in progress. Once the shift is complete the message center can then display the system mode selected. The information display can display a message indicating a 4X4 shift is in progress.

The information display can then display the system mode selected. If any of the above shift conditions are not present, the shift should not occur and the information display can display information guiding the driver through the proper shifting procedures.

If Shift Delayed Pull Forward displays in the information display, a transfer case gear tooth blockage is present.

To alleviate this condition, place the transmission in a forward gear, move your vehicle forward approximately 5 ft 1. For proper operation, make sure that each hub is fully engaged and that both hub locks are set to the same position both set to LOCK or both set to AUTO.

This system includes an electronically controlled transfer case with a high capacity clutch. The system is interactive with the road, continually monitoring and adjusting power delivery to the front and rear wheels to optimize traction. Note: The AdvanceTrac system has the ability to take over control of the transfer case clutch in 4A mode and disable it during driving maneuvers when necessary.

Sends power to the rear wheels only.I replaced the front wheel bearing packs and all was quiet again. A month later, I suddenly get a roaring road noise and vibration that starts at 60MPH and gets worse at higher speeds, vibrating thru the whole vehicle not just the steering wheel.

I replaced the rear bearing packs, the rear shaft U-joints, and balanced the tires. The problem stayed the same. I am planning to have the drive shaft balanced next. What else could it be?

Do you. Dont have driveshaft balanced. Change the oil in the transfer case. Its drain and fill with automatic transmission fluid.

2003 ford expedition vibration when turning

I have seen this more and more. Let me know Was this answer. I changed the transfer case fluid and filled it with Mercon V. A test drive shows nothing has changed. Under 60MPH it drivers normally. At a high speed vibration and low noise sets in. It very noticeable at 70MPH. Another suggestion I got was to check the pinion bearing.

Was this answer. I removed the rear drive shaft and drove it in 4High to drop it off for balancing - no vibration at all when I ran it up for a few seconds to 65MPH, so it is in the rear end. After putting the balanced drive shaft back on, no vibration up to 80MPH. But, when I let off the gas and coast at a high speed, the rumble comes back for a few seconds as I coast down to 55mph. Sounds like either pinion bearings or gears. You will need to disassemble to know for sure.

Is there any movement from the pinion flange in the up and down motion. If any movement at all then the bearing is bad. If not you will still have to remove the center section and rotate piniuon and feel if there is a bearing noise.

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2003 ford expedition vibration when turning

Service Centers in. Browse Forums by:. What Edmunds Says Pros. January in Ford. My Ford Expedition has 55, miles on it. Took it in for sceduled oil change, dealership came back and said the rear differential has a leak. The service guy explained how we had to pay for all the fluids too because once the differential was opened up for the repair, the fluids are lost. I pointed out that we had an extended warranty on the Expedition, and he suggested that it might pay for part of the labor.

As I read my warranty, it pays for anything not considered maintenance or normal wear and tear. It lists a number of things that are not covered, but rear differential repairs are not mentioned under this.

I have owned many vehicles, several withmiles or more. I have never had a rear differential leak before, so it seems to me that it is not a maintenance or normal wear and tear situation. At 55, I feel this is an odd thing to occur, particuliarly since I have followed the maintenance book and done additional maintenance as it was suggested; I don't drive in any unusual or challenging conditions, and this is a 2wd vehicle.

Has anyone had this problem with their Expedition with similiar mileage? Does anyone know if this should be a warranty situation? I suspect I'm being sold something that is either not needed, or that I shouldn't be paying for.

Please help! January More owners will be tracking that one. Steve, Host. Hi, I just read your post on the differential leaking.Password Forgot Password? Join Us! Join Date: Oct Posts: Shaking really bad when turning. It would shake then when I got the wheel straight it would shake for a few seconds then stop.

Join Date: Jan Re: Shaking really bad when turning. Probably air in the power steering system. Make sure the fluid level is good. The air will work its way out by itself. View Public Profile Send a private message to Areyouforcereal? Find all posts by Areyouforcereal? Join Date: May Originally Posted by Areyouforcereal?

Originally Posted by Boghog1.

2003 Ford Expedition

It was sitting parked for almost 2 weeks and it was fine before it was parked now after it was parked it shakes bad. Join Date: Apr Posts: 1, In your sig I see that you've got an 98 4x4 and that the 4x4 doesn't work.

Are you still gonna get it checked?

2003 ford expedition vibration when turning

I do not know. When I looked at your signature for info that just caught my attention. So I brought it up just for something for you to consider. Or mention to the mechanic. I find it pretty curious myself. Don't forget to consider Dustins reply.

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