Jack ryan season 1 episode 7 recap

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Season 2 has been released early on Amazon Primegiving fans an advance opportunity to watch the latest adventures of the analyst turned secret agent played by John Krasinski.

They trace these transactions to Suleiman, a high-level CIA target who was responsible for the deaths of people in a Sarin gas attack and an assassination attempt against the U. Based on this intelligence, Greer decides to make Ryan a CIA agent, picking him up in dramatic fashion via helicopter from a garden party and asking him to go to Yemen to help interrogate two of Suleiman's couriers. However, it turns out that one of the couriers is actually Suleiman, who later manages to escape after one of his followers sets off a car bomb close to the compound he is being kept in.

After he kills Ali, Ryan takes on his identity in an internet chatroom in order to talk to Suleiman. Suleiman realizes he is being tricked, and warns Ryan that he is going to find and kill him, leading Ryan to reply "not before I find Hanin"—Hanin Dina Shihabi being Suleiman's wife, who has escaped and is in Turkey after fleeing Yemen as a refugee.

Ryan kills Yazid, and Hanin gets taken to America, where she says she will let Ryan know where her husband is if he can get her son back for her which he later does. Ryan then tracks down Suleiman, which he does at a sports stadium. Ryan tells him he has his son, giving him just enough time to get close enough to Suleiman to kill him and take his phone. However, Greer has left him a file containing a ticket to Moscow, setting up a new mission that takes place over the course of Season 2.

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Image Source: Amazon. You May Also Like. Valdez 10 hours ago. Little Kids. Making The Cut. Beauty Shopping.Everyone seems to be on edge when the episode begins. Who can blame her? Meanwhile, Matice finds it hard to trust a woman who was once sleeping with the enemy, especially when it means putting his own team in danger.

However, he also believes that a ground assault is the best decision for everyone. Jack speaks up, not just for Samir, but because he wants to gather intel they can find from the compound. However, as we learned in the previous episode, he was actually in Liberia digging up the corpse of someone who died from EVD The two are professionals though and are able to discuss with the group what their real fear is.

Turns out, Jack believes Suleiman may have figured out a way to weaponize EVD, which cannot be vaccinated against. While Cathy says it would be quite difficult to make Ebola airborne, that it is possible.

The President ends up agreeing to a ground assault since surveillance also picked up the twelve hostages, including his friend Dr. Daniel Nadler.

jack ryan season 1 episode 7 recap

Jack takes this moment to speak up and request Samir be treated as a hostage and not a hostile, especially because Hanin has been nothing but helpful. He agrees, and Jack finally has a relaxed smile on his face knowing that an innocent boy has the chance at a new life. Suleiman tells him early on that his sisters will be returning but that the enemy has taken his mother. When he goes to bed, he finds his sister is playing the same game online as he is so they can chat.

The look of pure happiness is heartwarming because now he knows that his sisters and mother are actually alive and well. Unfortunately, this is fleeting because his father walks in and discovers that the girls have flown to America with the military.

jack ryan season 1 episode 7 recap

Suleiman, now tipped off that the Americans probably know his location, gathers his forces and flees before the ground strike can get there.

However, he leaves behind the hostages, which the ground team is able to save. Greer points out right away, something is wrong, but the team is ordered to focus on saving the doctors than discovering where Suleiman went. While everyone seems to think that the boy is a lost cause, Jack knows that the eleven-year-old is probably confused and unsure of who to trust which means he might just want to go home.

Their happiness over the reconciliation is cut short by the fact the saved doctors have all been infected with EVD Be sure to tell us in the comments below! Next: Jack Ryan season 1, episode 8 finale recap: 'Inshallah'.

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Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

View all Movies Sites. View all Gaming Sites. View all Comics Sites.Hanin and her daughter are set up in a safe house in Virginia.

A plan is worked out to capture him, alive if possible. The struggle is not yet over for Hanin who must assist in the planning. Which side of the bed does he Suleiman sleep on? Does he keep a weapon near the bed? These are the types of questions Hanin must answer.

'Jack Ryan' Recap: What Happened in the First Series?

Rest easy. The eponymous episode title signals that the boy Samir will be pressed between insurmountable forces. His father Suleiman tells Samir that his sisters are coming home but his mother has been killed by the enemy. The boy is crushed, full of anguish and confusion. How old is Samir? Unless Newton and all the scientists after him are wrong, what goes up must come down. Meanwhile, the top brass at Langley are engaged in a discussion about the action plan the military has cooked up.

Another official protests that there were thirty-six Americans who also died in the gas attack. An Air Force officer figures a squadron of Fs should take care of business.

Jack Ryan Season 1 Explained in Hindi - Captain Blue Pirate -

Obviously, Samir and some of the others in the compound will be innocent victims. We never did find out why Suleiman bought the hostages from Sheikh Radwan in a previous episode. Nadler to give him a box of medical supplies and vitamins. How he will do it is the looming question. While Suleiman is making an impassioned motivational speech to his disciples in Syria, his wife and two daughters are ensconced in a CIA safe house in Annandale, Virginia. If you ignore the CIA officer contingent, Hanin and the girls are a picture of middle-class contentment.

Mom is showing Rama how to wrap rice and other ingredients into grape leaves, while Sara is playing on a computer game console. Global connectedness means that you could be playing a video game in Peoria with a terrorist in Timbuktu. A meeting of top security officials is held with the president attending via an electronic hookup on a computer screen. Bin Laden was in his compound during the real Seal Team Six assault. A secondary mission of rescuing the hostages does succeed, however, but with the diabolical twist.

Suleiman has rightly guessed that the rescued hostages will be invited to the White House for a photo-op. A last camera shot shows Adler coughing as he stands by the president on the dais. Jack Ryan spent a great deal of film time brooding over one thing or another. The more amiable Greer provides ballast for the volatile and idealistic Ryan.

Cathy Mueller. But she also has another role to play in the field of pathogenic research. As an expert on Ebola, she meets with a host of national security officials to explain how the virus works, how it can be transmitted only through biological fluids, and is not an airborne disease. Mueller being the right kind of fulsome pleasant women your mother might like.You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Mike Michael Kelly and Jack head to a safe house momentarily to catch their breath. But their break is cut short when Mike learns Jim did not get on the plane — he has been captured.

jack ryan season 1 episode 7 recap

Reyes also sends a threat to Ubirra, attacking his home town. Meanwhile, Jim is tied up by Bastos and tortured. Jim is asked for information but laughs instead.

Eventually, from the pain, Jim passes out. Venezuela is in a political, violent lockdown. The duo must now help Jim escape.

Jack bargains with a militiaman who ironically had his finger cut off by Jim earlier in the season. President Reyes delivers a speech to the nation about more prosperous times.

Afterward, there is a tense dinner between Reyes and General Ubirras, they find out the Americans have shut down their satellites. Reyes orders to kill the prisoners, despite Ubirras disagreeing. The camp has already started killing the prisoners. They learn that Jim was taken away from the camp.

TOM CLANCY’S JACK RYAN Recap: (S01E07) The Boy

Meanwhile, Ubirra expresses his disappointment to Reyes about assaulting his home town in spite of him. Reyes cruelly goes up behind General Ubirras and slices his throat. You can read the recap of the eighth episode by clicking these words. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. Daniel Hart.Ben Travers.

For a spoiler-free review, click here. So many stories in the Jack Ryan franchise hinge upon our eponymous hero stopping bombs from going off. Popular on IndieWire. That, in and of itself, is a clever twist on fan expectations. The plotting is a pain to recap, let alone turn into action-driven drama, but Cuse, Roland, and their team of directors notably Daniel Sackheim pull it off. The final episodes are gripping… up until the series tries to connect back to that initial explosion.

Of course, that implies viewers are able to escape reality in the first place. The opening scene of the series is a stock origin story for terrorism: The American military drops bombs in Lebanon circa and two orphaned children grow up to strike back against the country that killed their parents.

You get to know the toll taken on their consciouses and watch them develop from a young age up through adulthood. But as the series reaches its conclusion, these stories are reduced to deadened depictions of Suleiman carrying out his terrorist objectives. His son is little more than a hostage, and Hanin is little more than a wife who wants her kid back.

Embodying the ideals of his country, he is Jack Ryan: all-American hero. Throughout Season 1, Jack wakes up from nightmares fueled by a disaster where all of his fellow soldiers were killed. Is he content with perpetuating that continuation as long as he moves up the CIA ranks? Ryan is offered a promotion and a reunion with his boss in Moscow.

Jack killed the bad guy, averted a national tragedy, and even rescued a mother and her children. All seems well, but upon closer examination, the pristine image of a guy just doing his job turns ugly.

Season 2 has been renewed and is in production. Sign Up: Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news! Sign up for our Email Newsletters here. Back to IndieWire. TVLine 3 hours ago.He clears the room when Jack arrives with Hanin. Matice asks her what side of the bed Suleiman sleeps on and what weapons he keeps.

She gives up the info, but her expression is one of anguish.

jack ryan season 1 episode 7 recap

He says she left them to stay with the enemy, and that Allah punished her for it by having the enemy kill her. Director Nash Daniel Kash says moderate-to-high — but Vig still says no. Vig counters French people on French soil. Greer pipes up and says 27 of them were Americans. Vig says let the French handle it. SOD Trent says all they have to do is call in an air strike.

Then Jack pipes up out of turn as usual, insisting it has to be a ground assault. An air strike would wipe out any and all evidence of his operations. But Vig still insists no ground assault — and that an air strike would only be approved if Suleiman is there. End of discussion. On the way back to the office, Greer rips Jack a new one.

He finds family photos in a drawer and cries when he sees one of him with his mom. At Washington Memorial in D. Cathy says okay. Then one of his guys brings Dr. Nadler Matt McCoy to him. Suleiman gives him a box with medicine and vitamins, all the stuff Nadler asked for. Back at Langley, when Jack and Greer return to the office, Tarek Mena Massoud shows them a photo they just got of Suleiman and Ali Haaz Sleiman arriving in Azerbaijan six months earlier — they were coming from Liberia with the body of a relative to bury.

He and Cathy trade shocked looks as Greer shows her the photo of Suleiman and Ali. He tells her about Azerbaijan, that Soviet scientist defectors set up shop at the universities there in order to create bio-weapons to sell on the black market. She says because the virus is transmitted through bodily fluids and killed by oxygen, a delivery system for it would be difficult to come up with — but that it is possible.

She asks if anything he told her was true, like all the stuff about his father. They find it and go inside, donning hazmat gear. Then they open up one of the crates and pull out a metal box hidden inside — a metal box containing eight cylinders of blue powder.

They freak when they discover one of them is leaking, so they leave it on the floor and take off with the rest. In Annandale, the safehouse boss Marabel Julianne Jain arrives and checks in with all the security guys watching over the place. Greer chuckles as Jack sits next to him. Then the briefing begins, this time with President Pickett Michael Gaston on line via video call.

The directors show him new surveillance images from the compound that show Suleiman is there.

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