Lancer to evo conversion kit

Automotive Forums. Hey all I have been looking around for awhile at the evo 7 conversion for my Lancer. Now i have been searching the forums and heard that there shipping is not good and that they are based someplace in Asia. I was wondering if any of you knew where I can find the same conversion Evolution VII Extreme Edition with the hood, front rear bumper, side skirts, and wing all in one package. Ebay has just the front end, and the hood, but I am iffy about just buying that, I want the whole thing.

Anyone know of a site, or someone they know I can get a hold of to find this same kit cheaper? And for those who have done this kit, how is the fitment? Thanks so much for your help!!!!!!!!! Why do people buy regular lancer and thin make them look like an evo it runans the name Evo poeple are going to think they just beat an evo ware they just beat probley just beat an oz rally makes me sick sorry. Now this kid is going to try to race people, who kick his ass, then takl shit about what they thought was an Evo.

Conversions are like taken credit for someone elses hard work. I hate conversions. Like i was saying before if anyone could help me out that would be great. I am more likely to kill myself in a real evo 8 than in a stock lancer, so racing is out of the question. You are just as likly to kill yourself in any car, depending on how you choose to drive.

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Wait in a couple of years, when the Evo is the same price as a new Lancer, then do it. Lancer conversions are UGLY. You are here to help people not dis them. This guy probably paid for his car on his own and didn't have someone else buy one for him. He is just trying to make the best out of his ride without spending a fortune. And if you can't keep your damn mouth closed, then maybe this isn't the site for you. Hey, I was just browsing on Ebay and found an Evo 7 Conversion kit with the front and rear bumper and the two side skirts.

It didn't have the hood or wing. The item number is The auction ends on September I hope that helps. Lancerlady03, I like you, so dont push me. I say whatever I want to say to ricers, mind your own crap. Unless I'm dising you, then it doesnt concern you. It's just a matter of how you do it and how you drive.Automotive Forums. Can you fit a regular body kit for an evolution to a lancer? Cos i know I won't be rich enough to own a real evolution, so they thought came across my mind if i could just buy the evolution bumpers and side skirts, and put them onto a lancer.

Is it possible? No you can't, the sheetmetal is significantly different. Also, that would be rice at its worst since the car would still perform like a base model. Silly answer man: Ofcourse you can do the transformation, it will just cost a bit of money since the bodyshells are the same. I don't know if you've compared a Lancer to a newer one, but it looks "skimpy" compared to the evo.

Don't forget things like wheels, hood and etc. While I don't see much difference. Either way, point is, it would take a lot. I waited 10 years to finally get one. Just bought my 04, five days ago I was actually browsing Ebay and they have a lot of conversion kits n stuff.

Anyways i meant i won't be rich enough for now. Im only 17 lol, n i don't feel like spending over 20k on my first real car.

The reason I was considering a conversion kit is because a lancer is way cheaper. And over time, like in a period of over a year, i could spend money on upgrades one at a time, not spend 20k at once. Driftflow, totaly understandable.

And what control Not wanting to spend the money out weighs the grins of the car The regular 1. Multitude of parts, and sharing the same motor for crimeny sakes They could of dominated the Tuner Market.

But these are same arguments that plagued us back in A kit car is cool and worth the respect for the dedication you may or may not put into it, but that's it, it's a kit car, and not an original.

Who cares on the opininon of others here, it's whether or not you are ok with knowing, it just isn't the EVO. And if you are, then thumbs up, and again, great controlMBX is an ACT pressure plate that uses exclusive diaphragm design to increase clamp load, reduce deflection and maximize clutch life.

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It provides uniform loading on the bearing and We highly recommend replacing your flywheel when upgrading your Lancer Evolution clutch. The disc engagement is harsher, but shifting is faster.

The race disc features top grade rivets to securely fasten the part together. The rivet design and materials are carefully selected for maximum strength. This is a full clutch kit, Includes street clutch disc, heavy duty pressure plate, alignment tool, and throw out bearing. The pedal feel is similar Instead of buying a full kit all over again, we suggest purchasing the ACT street clutch disc. Fits: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution ACT Xtreme pressure plates use exclusive diaphragm design to increase clamp load, reduce deflection and maximize clutch life.

ACT p Included with this kit is clutch disc, pressure plate, throw out bearing, and clutch alignment tool. This clutch is for the serious racers only! Enter BG Syncro Shift, the best gear lubricant ever made for transmissions! It is specially formulated chemically to not only with stand the pressure of our beloved Evolution trannies.

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Aluminum flywheels have been used This flywheel will work with ALL performance and stock clutch assemblies. The Carbon Kevlar material with its alloy backing matched to a performance pressure plate will provide smooth engagement and This disc complimented by a performance pressure plate provides Full turbo back exhaust to suit EVO X from my Final Edition, in perfect condition, no rust holes or damage, complete from turbo dump back, tips are not scratched or dented, has done low kms as was removed early to install alternate system, replace yours or would possibly suit lancer upgrade looking to do turbo conversion, full system is for sale not just muffler and tips as pictured, just unavailable for pics at the time, inspection welcome.

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All Rights Reserved.I think of buying a lancer and convert it to EVO 8. First of all, are you aware of what you'd be getting into? The two most significant differences between your standard Lancer and the Evo are:. So in order to "convert" to an Evo 8, you will need to effectively create the same drivetrain and powertrain In the end, I think you would spend more money customizing and buying other parts from the Evo setup brakes, suspension, wheels, tires, body parts as opposed to just buying the Evo the first time around.

A big project indeed and I'm not stopping you from starting it, but it just seems like a waste of time and money. Your only advantage would be paying insurance on a regular Lancer versus Evo, assuming they have no clue of your work.

So, like I said, if you want the speed and handling the Evo offers by means of a standard Lancer, good luck, it will be costly.

Just save up and buy the Evo. If you are just trying to put a body kit on a Lancer to make it look like an Evo, well then I have NO respect for you.

lancer to evo conversion kit

If you're looking for a cheapskate Evo, just try finding older Evos like Evo or as grey imports. Trending News. Trump rejects DACA apps despite high court ruling. Aaron Rodgers, Danica Patrick have reportedly split. Woolery changes tune on virus after son tests positive. Why didn't summer kill coronavirus?

lancer to evo conversion kit

Experts explain. Ex-Miss Kentucky gets prison term for sex offense. Coronavirus could cost Trump electoral votes. YouTuber faces backlash for throwing dangerous party. Woman makes powerful case for more Black doctors. Thanks in advance! Answer Save. I really think you need to go back and read what you've posted here. The two most significant differences between your standard Lancer and the Evo are: -turbocharged engine -all wheel drive So in order to "convert" to an Evo 8, you will need to effectively create the same drivetrain and powertrain Seventh Gen.Transmission —————————————————————.

Floor Gear Shifter ——————————————————————.

lancer to evo conversion kit

Axles Shafts ——————————————————————————. It could be purchase from PartsGeek they manufacture some of their axles so you buying brand new ones. Ill try it out in the future. It wider then the regular lancer ones. If you do must buy longer flywheel bolts to make it fit correctly. Clutch master cylinder —————————————————————. Transmission mounts —————————————————————————.

What I did is bought evo ones and welded it to the transmission and did certain amount of bents to make it fit correctly.

Just incase you wonder what it isit is a bracket with two U like inserts for the shift cables to hold on before it connects with the transmission. Will need the clips to hold them in place also which are extremely cheap or use zip ties like someone I know.

Clutch pedal ——————————————————————————. Or you can use the stock brake pedal just tighter when switching from the clutch to the brake when stepping on it. Now when you see the cut out under the dash for the clutch assembly you will notice two mounts that has threads for a nut to screw on.

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Engine Wire Harness —————————————————————————. Once located the wires follow it to the fuse box and splice the came so you can place a new wire to the new connector to go on the transmission which is located on the rear left hand side of the transmission. Its three cables your connecting the connector is found on the engine section of the hardness and its white green black.

This topic has 0 replies, 1 voice, and was last updated 1 year, 11 months ago by Kevin rojas. August 8, at am Kevin rojas Participant. Topics1 Replies0 Total1 Spectator.Contact us to ensure you're getting the right part for your car at the absolute best pricing on earth! The IDx is the evolution of the ID It is the most recent offering from the partnership of Injector Dynamics and Bosch Motorsport, and is the result of lessons learned during development of the IDx, and IDx.

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The MAP inline fuel filter was developed as a solution to protect your fuel injectors from debris and potentially even save your engine from a clogged fuel injector. Located between the hard factory feed line and the fuel rail installation couldn't be simpler with the push-on EFI adapter fittings.

The compact billet fuel filter features a 40 micron stainless steel element that is compatible with both pump gas and E85, and flows enough to support nearly lph. Whether you're upping the boost or stroking your block - more fuel is a MUST! Walbro Fuel Pumps are the industry standard for high performance fuel pumps regardless of make or model. Walbro Fuel Pumps provide unmatched performance, longevity and reliability - not to mention fuel delivery.

Designed for engines with more than HP on E85, and it outperforms all current market in-tank fuel pumps! My car completely transformed after installing this parts. Got them to my door overnight and didn't need to buy any extra parts. The kits are awesome and easy to do. I ended up switching to AEM because of my set up, but both kits have what you need for a quick easy install. Always fast shipping and good service. Everything looks to be high quality but unfortunately I am not financially able to install it and tune it yet.

I am hoping to be able to soon then I can write a follow up review. I really want to get some more power out of my car but I just don't know when I will be able to. Thanks for the product and your service though!! Awesome kit! Everything is there that you need to convert over to the big fuel pump and injectors. Only thing that would be nice is if it came with directions on installing the fuel pump.

which lancer models can be converted into EVO 8?

This warranty only applies to the original purchaser and is non-transferrable. If the product fails it would need to be determined by MAPerformance that it is due to manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship. This does not cover normal wear and tear. Improper use, modification, or abuse voids this warranty. MAPerformance will not be held responsible for additional costs due to the failure of a product cost of sale, towing, labor, etc.

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Unfortunately due to vendor restrictions we are unable to sell this brand within Australia. Unfortunately due to vendor restrictions we are unable to sell this brand within your country. Unfortunately due to vendor restrictions we are unable to sell this brand within California. Unfortunately we are not able to ship this item outside of the United States.

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