Mk3 supra digital dash

Toyota Supra Forums! Join the Supra forum! User Name Remember Me? Digital dash for the mk3? Is there a digital dash for the MK3? If so, do you have a link of an online store or something from where it could be bought? Do you know if it compatible with the turbo, manual version of the mK3 Supra. Performance Parts Aftermarket and Racing ext.

Speak to Dave. Tell him Mike sent you and He'll do everything he can for ya. I looked on the site nice online store,I have bought from it before and I am a satisfied customerbut didn't find what I needed. Do you have other links? Welcome to SupraSport. T oyota R acing D evelopment. It may have also been available in Australia. It was only ever available in RHD though Thread Tools. BB code is On. Smilies are On.

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Posting Rules.Any use of this information is at the user's risk. The instrument cluster of the MK III is a little more than a collection of instruments to inform the driver. As part of the vehicle electronics, if it falls into disrepair, it can be the source of operational failures. This is particularly so as the No.

The desire to rid the gremlins from my recently rebuilt transmission along with annoyance at the infamous unreliability of the fuel guage prompted me to embark on removing and inspecting my instrument cluster.

Mine is a right hand drive vehicle. Removal of the instrument cluster itself is not difficult, although requires a little patience that's what cars are for. The steering column was dropped to its lowest adjustment and extended to be farthest from the dash. The screws were easily accessible in their recesses. The under trim piece was fragile and required careful removal. I will have to replace some of the screw recess bases to properly secure it again. The instrument cluster was thus revealed with six fixing screws securing it to the dash.

Having removed the screws, I could move the cluster assembly outwards and get my hand behind to remove the 4 or 5 connectors from the back actually, to push painful little tags, wriggle and cajole the larger connectors with expressions of frustration.

With the harness disconnected, the assembly could be carefully maneouvred out from its "cave" and past the steering wheel toward the passenger side of the cabin.

Here you can see the neat white plastic speed sensor housing fed by the top speedometer cable not visible here and secured to the front cabin brace member behind the instrument assembly removed in the photo, of course. The sensor itself is a simple Hall effect chopper assembly. The sensor separate from the instrument assembly made speedometer cable maintenance easy. I lubricated the cable and the sensor 'bearing' with TruFlo a teflon lubricant advertised as suitable for applications such as firearms as it had developed a scraping noise To the left of the speed sensor I found a metal box with two wiring harness leads disconnected.

These were held by a couple of screws and plastic clips. I found that, of all the exposed screws on the back of the assembly, the ones in the centre hold the instrument internals in place. I did not want them released until the front was removed. So to remove the front.

I undid the screws around the outer edge of the back of the cluster. However, a small modification was required to complete the removal. The picture on the right shows a slot made at the lower part of the passenger side end of the rear of the assembly. This slot was carefully cut with a drill bit to access the single internal fixing screw.

The casing is already extensively vented, so another slot would not cause any extra problems. The location of the slot was determined by removing the other perimiter fixing screws and carefully separating the shell and front panels just enough to sight the internal screw.

Once the final screw is removed and the front panels carefully separated from the back shell, the front was revealed to consist of three layers all smoke and mirrors to make it look flash - well hopefully not smoke. Particularly as the casing is not sealed, these layers accumulated a layer of grime. At the bottom of the image to the left is the naked instrument assembly with its custom glass fronted IC package components.

I cleaned these glass components with methylated spirits. On the right hand side is the engine temperature bar graph indicator unit. It is a separate circuit board which may be removed. Note though that it is on an angle to match the fuel guage on the other side of the speedometer but its fixing screws do not fix its position i.

The fuel guage is fixed to the same circuit board as the speedometer, so it could not be adjusted. A couple of dark patches are just visible near the bottom left and top right corners of the indicator unit. I would figure these to be due to heat from to power connections for the display. I found it interesting that the temperature guage has a couple of elements missing in the region immediately above normal operating temperature.Changing the backlight bulbs is the easiest way to update the look of the A70 cluster.

This consists of 4 bulbs and 1 74 bulb. When using the 5 WLED bulbs the oil gauge may appear dimmer than the other gauges since the oil gauge is lit by only one Light dispersion is very important for the gauge cluster's appearance. When using LED lights, hot spots can be a problem.

This can be fixed by using "wide angle" LED lights. These lights put more light out the sides of the bulb and help to prevent hot spots. Using the 5 bulb LED's from superbrightled can lead to hotspots directly in front of the bulbs. Using just these bulbs will tend to make any painted needle appear dimmer. In order to reduce the hot spot effect and diffuse light as well as possible, I shaved the tip of the LEDs. This helped to eliminate most hotspots and spreads the light well.

It is pictured to the right. Another method is to paint the incandescent bulbs. This is a cheap and relatively easy way to change the color, but care must be taken not to overcoat the bulbs making them too dim. There are 3 screws to remove for this. Some aftermarket knobs have allen set screws that need to be removed. Pry the center trim piece out. I find this easiest by starting with the back end behind the shifter and working up towards the climate control.

Here are some Amazon links hand selected by me for the exact parts I used in this project. Your purchases through these links help fund this site and keep new info coming:. Changing the needle appearance can be difficult. The needles have a yellow-orange paint from the factory. Removing this old paint and repainting a new color is an easy update and will make a big difference.

If you changed the backlighting for the gauge, the newly painted needles may not glow like you planned. Lighting the needles themselves can be done and will give you a much more modern, readable look. They are far from the smallest available, but are plenty small for this project. They are a package.

To the right is my power source. That makes 12V for those scoring at home. Simply remove the old bulb and replace with a new LED bulb. Step 3: Remove the Center Trim a. Two on the sides and 5 on top. Now pull the cluster away and unplug the connectors.He also represents some of the best value on the board.

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mk3 supra digital dash

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Toyota Supra MK III

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Driving with the LHD digital supra dash

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mk3 supra digital dash

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mk3 supra digital dash

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