Rwby watches devil may cry fanfiction

What's this? A new chapter?! He should've taken like a year now to get a new one out, how did he do it?! The answer is simple, I copied and pasted the scenes I had in store to here and added the right reactions. Took a bit but I did it. Now the hate comments can stop and the ones who think they can do better to not even attempt this.

Act 1 is still in the works since I just got to Dante's appearance. As for me not adding this with 3, I found the start to after Vergil's first fight, the scenes were too long so I'm making this separate to that. With that out of the way, time to get going with this.

The screen shows a brick street but some black specs rolls across the streets.

rwby watches devil may cry fanfiction

A guy in a cloak walks the streets with his head down as a blue trench coat was seen under the cloak. Under that were words "Fortuna City a few decades ago".

Ruby Plays Devil May Cry 5 - Its My Devil Trigger~ - Part 1

Cinder and the teams weren't sure what to think of this, Maria, on the other hand, observed with interest. The man kept walking as the black specs went down on a sign on the sidewalk. He stops then looks up and says in a cold voice "The Order of the Sword, huh? Roman laughs, "I got off lucky, being threatened and bossed around is much better than joining a crazy cult any day".

Cinder just glared at him as Salem put her hand on Cinder's shoulder. This was a saying that she needed to stand down. He looks to the center of the city to see a statue almost finished then puts his head back down and says "They worship a demon as a god".

Maria agreed with him. Any cult worshipping someone like a god spells trouble in any part of Remnant. He slightly looks up as a pack of scarecrow like demons with curvy swords for an arm lands in front on him and one on its leg. The cloaked guy pulls out a blue sheath katana as his thumb unsheathed the blade by an inch then He slightly turns his head as a Scarecrow Arm jumped up and tried to attack.

The cloaked guy moved so fast, the cloak went up in the air and revealed a guy with a blue trench coat with some gold lines in certain spots and a vest in between the opened three tailed coat. With a cold glare in his blue eyes yet handsome face and spiky white hair going back with a few strands in front. He was slowly sheathing a katana, The Yamato, as the demon died instantly. No woman in that theater was safe from this guy's looks. Glynda, Maria, Winter, even Salem and Raven found him attractive.

Ozma found this funny since Salem wasn't like this in the first place. Must be the effects of not being immortal taking place now. But it's alright with him, he has done his end of the deal with the Brother of Light.

As for Qrow, he was snickering, his sister cared about strength over looks after all. He dashes instantly to swing at one, then spins as he moved and slashed again.Deep in a rundown part of the City of Vale lies a rundown shop own by a young whited-haired boy wearing an amulet, sitting on his chair by his desk, eating a slice of pizza, reading some comic books, and just waiting on for someone to call so he won't be bored to death and keeping up his busy. Suddenly, the phone on the desk starts ringing loud meaning someone is calling him, he picks it up to hear who it is.

The boy runs a 'special' business can involve the most dangerous tasks of all; fighting against the creatures of Grimm and bandits acting like a one-man army just so he can get the money he needs to buy more pizza and strawberry sundaes to enjoy and hopefully to pay for some bills of his place as well so he won't end up on the street.

Then the phone rings again, he picks it up hope that it's a job this time. He is the Headmaster of Beacon Academy, a combat school to train the next generations to protect the world from the Grimm, and he's also Dante's adopted father.

I fear SHE is making her move. Dante knew who this woman is, it happened years ago after his mother died from Grimm attack and got separated from his twin brother who later became a dangerous man himself, when Ozpin took him in he told him everything about the ancient history of the word and the woman who is also Queen of the Grimm known by the name: Salm.

I take it you already handle the arrangements. Dante now has a job to do though I never would have thought about becoming a student or going to school, he learned everything he needs to know from Ozpin and the other teachers as he grew up so that makes him homeschool.

With the circumstance now, guess Dante will have get out of his own confront zone and out to experience something new. He grabs his red coat, decided to go out to get somethings he might need for the trip to Beacon, but just when he walk through the doors. Dante looks forward seeing a person who looks identity to him like a mirror but he wears a blue coat, his hair is swept back, and his expression is more serious than anyone like he wants to kill someone because they bored him or just think they're weak and waste of his time.

Dante knows this guy very well. The impact causes a shockwave. Dante now look piss off from what Vergil was about to say, trying to push his twin brother back but he's also using his own strength to remain where he stands.

And power is what I want. Might controls everything! Their dad was a demon who saved the world once and settle down but he died one day in battle and their mom died sometime later by a Grimm attack. Ozpin was their closest friend and have taken upon himself to raise the two as his own and hope they grow to be strong like their father, but that didn't go so well with Vergil.

The two brothers now stare at each other fiercely. Dante still remember the day Vergil went rough, few years ago; he found the katana: Yamato left to him by their dad and uses it kill most others in the neighborhood they used to live together and disappear, haven't been seen since.

Later they got word about Vergil and the terribly deeds he's done, Dante tried to reason with him but Vergil won't stop because he is also working for Salem didn't care about her plans for the world, as long as he gets power and become stronger.

rwby watches devil may cry fanfiction

He'll even stain his soul in blood for power. Time after time, the brothers have fought to the death leaving either of them with wins or ends in a draw. Vergil smirks before he kicks Dante sending him flying back inside his shop crashing onto his desk and the wall.

Dante growls that Vergil is now asking for a fight and he's gonna get it, he grabs his broadsword: Rebellion and his two guns: Ebony and Ivory. He charges back outside ready to give his brother what's coming to him but he soon discovers Vergil is gone. Looking around the empty neighbor to see where he could've gone to.

Suddenly, Grimm starts popping from left to right all charging at Dante. Some are Beowolfs, 4 Beringels, Boarbatusks, and 2 Nevermores. If Dante wants to release some anger that grew when Vergil was here, he's gonna have to take it out on the black creatures before him but that made him more exciting as he smirks at the Grimm. One Beowolf jumps to a wall and launch itself at Dante to impale its claws on him but he saw that coming like a mile away as he sidesteps avoiding it, knee kick it under the chin up above himself and aim his gun right between the legs; pulled the trigger destroying the black wolf.

One Beringel leaps at Dante bringing both its fists together to smash him into the ground, however Dante simply caught the attack with just one hand after putting his guns away leaving cracks below his feet.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus includes. Cancel Apply The tale of Warriors against the forces of darkness has begun.

Come, and take a read, if you'd like. Lean para saberlo! Rwby Y Devil May Cry no me pertenecen. The New Teacher by smilingsamurai reviews With the Qliphoth gone and Vergil back, things were starting to look good for Dante, until he found himself transported to an unfamiliar world.

Still, what is the greatest Devil Hunter of all time, if not adaptable? Making the most of the situation, he agrees to an offer made by someone named Ozpin. Little did Beacon know, fighting the Grimm would never be the same again Devils in Remnant by reddevil47 reviews The rwby group meet the infamous sons of Sparda.

What trouble will these boys get into along the team of Rwby as they try to save the world while also juggiling their classes. There's something going on in the world of Remnant and it all points toward Beacon. Will the sons of Spard save the day or will they be doomed to meet the same fate as their father? Where Demons dare to tread by Eastbound Traveller reviews Dante and Virgil at the end of DMC5 were stuck in hell, fighting demons and each other for the rest of eternity.

Or were they? In a series of unexpected events allow them to escape to a little world called Remnant. Humans Not Cry by HeavyGuts reviews See the story about a teenage guy who lives his life seeking for the demon responsible for killing his loved ones,facing several challenges until he fulfil his revenge.

A New Possibility by Oni Makai reviews Within the infinite expanse of the multiverse, there lies a possibility where the world of Remnant, the world of Devil Hunters, and the world of the Azure are fused into a single reality, and much to the good fortune of those curious, we Observers are given the chance to see how this intriguing possibility unfolds.

Teams from all over Remnant are fighting to come out on top. But while everyone is celebrating and competing, dark forces are moving in the shadows, and no one is safe. V and his friends might have stopped The Breach, but they're still just students. Can they handle what's coming for them?

Book 3 of the Call Me V series. Dark Angel of Remnant by KeySlinger09 reviews In one night, Vergil had his mother and brother taken from him, and was nearly killed by the forces that wanted him dead. However, he was given the chance to live a life where he could ensure that no one would suffer the same way.

However, the fire of vengeance still burns, and the Dark Angel will cut through all he has to to achieve it.

rwby watches devil may cry fanfiction

Devil of Remnant by XenoBlaze reviews You've heard about it haven't you?Dante is the protagonist of the rebooted portion of the Devil May Cry series. It's only two chapters right now, but it's very solidly written and seems to be selling Ragna, Nero, and Dante as it's main characters alongside the RWBY cast.

I'd love to write for you! Civvie 11views. She was the High Leader of the White Fang after Ghira Belladonna stepped down until she was killed by Adam Taurus, who usurped her role after covering up her murder, claiming that a Human Huntsman attacked and killed her. Anyway, I have not watch Highschool DxD it is on the list, but I have read enough fanfiction and got the lay down of it. Is there a fanfic for this?

Rwby watches devil may cry fanfiction

DeviantArt - Homepage. Or none at all. So, there you go. Imagine all the carnage and bad puns. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the RWBY universe. Chapter 1.

Mainly because I don't know those two games or there characters very well, so they will be replaced with Devil May Cry the Original of courseand Soul Calibur characters.

The general public is starting to question the existence of supernatural beings after the Redgrave Disaster, and it's leading to consequences no one could have foreseen. Devil May Cry The website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Also all the sexual jokes. Welcome to my new story. He is a demon-angel hybrid known as a Nephilim, who lives as a demon hunting vigilante.

Modeus is clad in a black trenchcoat with a high collar also lined with gold, black shirt, pants, and greaves. After the events of Volume 1 of RWBY, a mysterious force that in no way was caused by Yang breaking a form of rare dust ends up spitting Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang, Pyrrha, Nora, and Ren, out into the downstairs living room of a Wattpad writer who's b Music: Devil May Cry 3 - Devils Never Cry Vergil smirks before he kicks Dante sending him flying back inside his shop crashing onto his desk and the wall.

Chapter 3. Afternoon all, I hope you're all staying safe over the weekend! Learn More Devil May Cry. Vergil has access to all equipment, abilities, accessories, and consumable items. FREE Shipping. Watch Queue Queue. Available now. Yo-Kai Watch 1.Third times the charm. Yes, I updated this a little, did the best I can do and let me tell you, it's tough. I like the start so I'm keeping that.

As for how I'm updating the chapters, I'm turning it into acts, Act 1 would be the prologue, Act 2 is either after the first boss or first few bosses, Act 3 is the same thing, same with Act 4 and the Final act along with the ending s. Of course this is only the 3rd game, you'll see where I'm going with this later. By the way, everyone, don't expect high levels of writing on both ends, the format for the bold is what the player sees or should see. As for the reactions, I'm working with someone to at least come up with a good reaction, especially for certain people to certain events.

Now, on with the whole new beginning. Before we go into this, fair warning, it has spoilers and mentions from V6 and future volumes. Not only that, DMC 5 mentions as well.

Will take place during V6. Plus extra chapters, if you really want. On with the start, shall we? This part was done by me, the first Act of DMC 3 has a long way to go. Let alone the full game. A guy in a dark worn out helmet, dark tattered cape and dark armor that was ready to break was standing in a theater room.

Not just any theater, this is the Theater of Odeon. Once an old theater that has been restored by him, Gliver, the fallen soilder. The legend of Sparda was the most told tale across the multiverse. Some even considered him a god from a whole other life time. Something happened with the two foolish gods from a universe called Remnant. A lot of pieces from tales forgotten. He knew he needed to show both hunters, legends, and corrupted that need to see this so history doesn't fully repeat.

From what he has seen, The top of the tower where Pyrrha and Cinder fought reminded him of his brother and himself of Temi-Ni-Gru.Both belong to their respected owners.

Kyrie and Nero were returning from a special celebration after eating at a special little restaurant that was considered to have the best pasta in the town. It had been a few years since the 'Order' incident and Nero had finally proposed to Kyrie. She gladly accepted while tears of joy and love were streaming down her cheeks.

Both of them were holding hands, but were separated when Kyrie asked him to wait outside while she would quickly buy some ingredients from a shop.

As Nero waited on the street, he heard an eerie laughter that sounded inhuman. Then he saw them, they came out of nowhere. Ugly, bulbous demons that had crude scythes for an arm while others hand blades for a leg. They were slow and moved oddly until they started attacking. They jumped and attacked in complicated formations, but he had experiences with them. Bringing out his trusty Blue Rose revolver, he started shooting each one with deadly precision. Eventually too many surrounded him, and he had to spice them apart with his Red Queen blade.

But the numbers were still far too great for him to handle. Just when he thought things couldn't get any worse he heard a scream that scared him more than anything in the entire universe.

While trying to kill the demons, he had forgotten that she had gone to buy the ingredients. She was in great danger. Forgetting all worries about his own safety, he charged towards her location, not caring about the demons following him.

He could not feel the pain, adrenaline fueled his body as he slaughtered every single demon that would end up in his sight. After the demon slaughter, he ran over to check up on Kyrie's body. One giant stab wound went right through her body, but it missed her internal organs. He tore off his uniform and quickly wrapped the wound. He was using every bit of will and strength to push himself towards their destination in a dead sprint.

He could already feel her blood seeping through onto his back. He didn't know how long it was; only that it had started to rain and that she was fading fast. Hold on!All 7 showings of Devil May Cry. Remnant: a world where the impossible was possible. Yo-Kai Watch 1. Chapter 1. Civvie 11views. Modeus is clad in a black trenchcoat with a high collar also lined with gold, black shirt, pants, and greaves.

The one about the cats is pretty solid. Feb 18, However this story will be a little different, yes it will have Blazblue in it, but not Persona 4 arena, or Under night In-birth. The website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. They belong to Rooster Teeth and Capcom. Raven has access to all equipment, abilities, and accessories. Anyway, I have not watch Highschool DxD it is on the list, but I have read enough fanfiction and got the lay down of it.

No I totally got the hang of it now watch this! Man After the events of Devil May Cry 5, things have changed drastically.

Watch Queue Queue. Imagine all the carnage and bad puns. He was entrusted with the will of Sparda prior to his master's revolt in the Demon World.

Available now. Welcome to my new story. It's only two chapters right now, but it's very solidly written and seems to be selling Ragna, Nero, and Dante as it's main characters alongside the RWBY cast. T T Info. Hope you're into that because that's all this Fanfic is we have no plot, no continuity, and no restrictions!

You wanna throw Cardin at Sparda in a no rules death match? Well Here's the one place you'll find it folks!

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