Toro timecutter 60 inch

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toro timecutter 60 inch

Messages: 1. I am looking for a new zero turn for my 2 acres of pretty flat yard, with room for up to a 60 inch deck. So the Titan has a 60 inch deck vs 54, a bigger engine, ZT transmissions vs ZT, tougher commercial components, suspension seat, better warranty, etc.

Much more of a discount as well. I can't help but feel it is overkill.

toro timecutter 60 inch

My old mower was a 10 year old toro 42 inch cheapo model from home depot, and the motor just ate itself - so something bigger and tougher is clearly needed. Thanks for the help guys. TyrienJul 16, Messages: Before my purchase I demod the titan however did not end up selecting it. I do however think the titan is a very solid feeling machine and the attachment option is kinda cool. I however do not care for the cut of any toro I have owned or demod thus far. Good luck. GarrettJul 17, Messages: 4.

Very honest review of Garrett. He didn't bash just stated his opinion respectably. I myself work at a tor dealer, ran toro on the golf course and run them in my business and wouldn't buy anything else.

Super happy with tor. Its a matter of opinion most of the time unless there are glaring component differences. There is a reason they use almost exclusively Toro and John Deere on professional turfs.

Pro golf courses and major league ball fields. They are great machines and offer a great fleet discount. Messages: 2, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?Toro has refreshed all of the residential zero-turn mowers for !

They have made the different models much easier to understand to help you decide which one is best for you. They have improved the ergonomics, added much-needed features and made improvements to decks and the mower itself. Toro has simplified the residential model lines for into three series.

The TimeCutter line is the one most of us need. It is designed to cut perfectly your residential lawn. The Titan line is the one most of us want for acreages and is built heavier to handle lawns and pastures. The Titan line is not only a high-end residential but also an entry-level commercial line.

It will handle all your grass cutting needs. If you spend more than hours mowing every week the Titan is the line you want. The Z Master is a commercial mower that also works well for large residential properties. This article will explain the TimeCutter Series. I make a small commission if you click on the link and buy something from these retailers. Most of you reading this article will find the Time Cutter is the best choice for your typical suburban yard. The Titan and Z Master series are designed for both finished lawns and rough pastures.

Decks: The Time Cutter series now offers five different decks. These decks are designed to give you the best cut, the best mulching, and the best bagging yet. The five different decks are: inch stamped deck, 42, 50, 54 and inch fabricated decks. All models have adjustable front anti-scalp wheels. Flexible, poly discharge chute and 18, feet-per-minute blade tip speed. New — Quick Detach spindle covers. The spindle covers are easy to remove without tools for cleaning the top of the deck.

Tires: Large 11X4 front tires help you get the best cut and a better ride. Engines: Engines are offered from Toro, Kohler, and Kawasaki and in sizes ranging from cc to cc Toro engines are quickly proving themselves to be one of the best engine lines in the industry for residential use. Ease to replace air filters. It comes with a very easy to use oil drain tube so you can easily drain the oil into a container and never get any on the mower itself.

Even the oil filter is easily accessible. The air cleaner cover is designed so that you put the air filter in the right way every time. Smart Speed on all Time Cutter models. Replaceable front axle hub: These cast aluminum hubs are designed to break before you bend the frame if you hit something hard, For example, if you are mowing at full speed and you run into a tree with the front axle the hub will break instead of bending the frame.Sell Sheet.

All Promotions. The TimeCutter MX zero turn lawn mower is powered by Featuring a 60" gauge fabricated steel mowing deck with convenient washout port. Design your Z by choosing the steering, platform, deck, engine, seat, and many more custom options. It will be hand delivered with options and accessories installed. Build yours now! View Video. This heavy duty steel guard protects the engine from branches and debris as you nimbly maneuver around your lawn.

All TimeCutter riding mowers feature a large 3-gallon Knowing when to fill up is simple thanks to the translucent tank, which also helps to prevent overfilling. Welded together from plates of gauge steel and a bull-nose bumper leading the way, this deck can handle tough conditions. The lower the guage the thicker the steel. Deck washout ports create a pressure washer under your deck providing quick cleaning, maintaining optimum airflow for optimum cutting performance.

The heavy-duty gauge frame provides increased strength, durability and reliable performance. The lower the gauge the thicker the steel. Hitch kit comes standard on all TimeCutter models for pulling lawn and garden attachments.

Attachments sold separately. Larger hydrostatic transmissions vs. Automatically engaged when the control arms are moved outward. Simplifies operation by eliminating a separate parking brake. The large, 20" Premium, thickly padded 18" extra-tall seat provides ample back support for a smooth, comfortable ride. Hour meter helps you maintain your machine at the proper service intervals for maximum product life. Product is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for three years without an hour limitation.

60in Bagger Kit, TimeCutter MX 6050 Riding Mower

See complete warranty details at Toro. Standard hitch pulls a variety of attachments, such as a cart, lawn sweeper, dethatcher, spike aerator and sprayer. Mount these premium spreader and sprayer attachments directly to your TimeCutter for easy use.

Mount Kit part required.I hope you love the products that I recommend here! Just so you know, I work with Amazon and other affiliate partners and may be compensated from the links below.

Read full details here. The Toro TimeCutter Inch Riding Mower cuts your mowing time by around half because of its inch fabricated deck with Grade 50 high-grade strength gauge steel shell. Complement that with the zero-turn radius and mowing can be done in no time! There is power in this mower! The MyRIDE features a suspended operator platform, which provides a great cushion from bumps and vibrations caused by rough terrain and hilly route.

This mower has a cutting width of 60 inches, which means more work in less time. Owners of zero-turn mowers said so in a to survey. But it makes sense because you get more work done with a large cutting width, plus, the ability of the riding mower to go forward and backward in no time. Because it has a thickly padded premium seat at 18 inches. Unlike most riding mowers, this one has armrests, too. Then if you ever get thirsty in the middle of your mowing, you can quench it because the mower comes with a cup holder.

Or if you plan to mow in the morning, then you can have your first cup of coffee while doing your work. Suspension, in general, provides comfort by limiting the impact of rugged roads.

Toro TimeCutter 60-inch Zero Turn Mower Review (75760)

You will be more productive because you are comfortable. The mower also features easy-to-adjust ride settings so that anybody can use the mower.

Toro TimeCutter SS 5000

Every rider can adjust the settings based on their personal preference. The zero-turn radius and great suspension add to the excellent maneuverability of the riding mower. To add to that, the machine also uses inch tires for easy handling and a smoother ride. There is absolute strength in thewhich runs on a cc V-twin engine at The physical structure is just as sturdy!

The moving decks comprise fully welded Grade 50 steel to sustain any mowing challenge. To add to that, the mower also features a gauge steel deck that is stronger than any regular gauge steel decks. Toro has its own Smart Speed control system that allows mowers to choose from three mowing options: Trim, Tow and Mow.

Trim is great for maximum time savings, while the Tow is when you need attachments. For larger areas, you want the Mow option.This Toro mower boats a 10 gauge fabricated deck, heavy duty ZT transaxles, a If you have uneven terrain, especially out in the country where your land used to be a pasture you probably know all about a bumpy ride.

This was a huge problem for me as I have some terrible ruts from just old pasture land and where rain has run off, etc. With a standard seat they generally just have a couple springs to help absorb some impact.

Toro TimeCutter 60-Inch Riding Mower Review: Maximum Cut at Half the Cutting Time

There are also suspension seats which help a great deal some are adjustable by weight, for example. You can adjust the two rear ones to give you a lighter ride or stiffer ride depending on your weight.

Below is a video by Toro giving an in depth look at the I do like what Toro is trying to do here. The oil drain is a quick drain system that seems to be gaining popularity where the tube is snaked through basically an S shaped bracket to hold the tube upward.

When you want to drain the oil you just pull it down and start draining. The This is where they lose me though. I know that nylon gears have improved a lot over the years but this is still a very curious choice by the engineers.

Also, this engine is made in China, so keep that in mind. There is a 5 gallon fuel tank on this mower which is good because as you could expect from a mower of this size it tends to drink gasoline. Time will tell on this engine but so far I have not seen any complaints. Click here to read the full warranty. With that out of the way, this beast will perform. You will still need to be careful on wet grass as going around turns and down hill might still lead to some slippage and tearing up your lawn.

Other than that this mower handles great. It will throw your center of gravity off a little bit until you get used to it. It will also take some adjustment to get used to the platform rocking as it may cause some herky-jerky movements. Keep in mind this mower has a max speed of 8. Bumps will me minimized though, allowing you to mow fast even over the roughest terrain.Sell Sheet. Accessory Guide. All Promotions.

toro timecutter 60 inch

But when you're bouncing around on rough terrain, speed won't do you any good without superior comfort to match. You'll not only enjoy mowing - you'll enjoy more free time. Once you take hold of the controls, the rest of your body is isolated from the mower.

Each person who uses the mower can quickly and easily adjust the ride settings to their personal preference, making the TimeCutter HD the king of custom comfort. From top to bottom, every detail delivers the heavy-duty performance of a commercial mower, down to the quality of cut.

It's not only built to last; it's built to give your property that makes you proud. With the Smart Speed control system and the standard hitch, you can tow attachments with precision speed and control.

Take a utility bucket with you to carry tools, debris or other supplies. Simply rest your bucket on the lip built into the rear engine guard, and secure it with a strap to hold it in place. Need portable power for your smartphone, MP3 player or personal fan? Just plug it into the 12V Accessory Port accessory port. Maximum Comfort Once you take hold of the controls, the rest of your body is isolated from the mower. Choose Your Ride Settings Each person who uses the mower can quickly and easily adjust the ride settings to their personal preference, making the TimeCutter HD the king of custom comfort.

Excellent Handling and Maneuverability Large 22" rear tires to ensure better handling and maneuverability, plus a smoother ride. Standard Tow Hitch With the Smart Speed control system and the standard hitch, you can tow attachments with precision speed and control. Attach Buckets Take a utility bucket with you to carry tools, debris or other supplies.

Engine Products depicted are for demonstration purposes only. Actual products offered for sale may vary in design, required attachments and safety features.

As configured to meet safety, emission and operating requirements, the actual engine horsepower on these mowers will be significantly lower. Customer Reviews. All Rights Reserved.Having reviewed and used dozens of ZT mowers over the years, our team likes to stay up to date. We want to test and review the latest advances and technologies manufacturers integrate and migrate into both commercial and residential products.

This updated zero-turn mower features some compelling new upgrades over the MX that should appeal to those shopping for a ZT in this price range. You still get the gauge fabricated deck and reinforced leading edges across the entire front of the deck to protect against minor impacts and abrasions.

The commercial-level Speeds are unchanged with the Smart Speed system. You get up to 7 MPH in Mow mode, 5. Now, while much is the same, Toro made significant changes as well.

While the deck still has a foot pedal lift, the pedal itself has a beefier build quality than before. Toro also now utilizes a more commercial-style drop-pin height adjustment system instead of a lever.

Toro designed these new caster hubs for easy replacement—removing a pain point for dealers when dealing with damage. The step-through front-end model features a split footrest and lowered axle that lets you quickly exit the mower when you need to pick up debris.

A fixed rubber floor mat reduces vibration to your heels while driving. You also get a new under-seat cubby to stash things like sticks, small toys, avocados, and whatever else you might come across in your yard while mowing. While they kept the Smart Speed system, Toro moved it to the right side of the mower to get it away from your legs while mowing.

We got very curious about the Smart Speed system and quickly began looking under the chassis to see how it worked. This ingenious system actually mechanically adjusts the throw-arms from the two lap bars. This lets Toro use the same hydrostatic transmission while delivering three different speed ranges. Toro went with a pair of ZT hydrostatic transmissions.

Air filters also change without a single tool. Just pop open the rear cover, reach in, and remove and replace the filter. One last thing—in addition to that 3-year limited residential warranty, Toro now adds a hour commercial use warranty for mowers using their Toro engines.

For the commercial guy, speed plays a big part in the purchasing decision. For residential use, we typically see them well under those mph levels of a commercial mower costing twice the price. The same goes for the Toro TimeCutter zero-turn mower.

The Toro commercial V-twin engine effortlessly drives this mower across grass. The high-back seat feels comfortable at all speeds. The mower jostles a bit while mowing for sure—but it never felt jarring at the seat. The deck is well-isolated from the chassis. We found the armrests a bit low for our liking—a minor issue. The cup holder on the left and storage tray on the right make for a nice touch.

The dampeners on the lap bars really give them the perfect amount of resistance for steering at any speed. Finally, we liked the oversized fenders which did a great job protecting us from spray—a common occurrence when cutting Florida grasses.

You get a 3-gallon gas tank on the Toro Timecutter That limits commercial use somewhat but should allow for plenty of residential acreage before having to refuel.

Toro made it super-easy to adjust your cutting height.

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