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These are homework exercises to accompany the Textmap created for "General Chemistry: Principles and Modern Applications " by Petrucci et al.

Complementary General Chemistry question banks can be found for other Textmaps and can be accessed here. In addition to these publicly available questions, access to private problems bank for use in exams and homework is available to faculty only on an individual basis; please contact Delmar Larsen for an account with access permission.

At room temperature, a solution is made by adding 50mL of 0. Calculate the following at equilibrium:. For a solution that is 0. A solution of volume There are various procedures for preparing buffer solutions. Identify one indicator each that would change color in an acidic solution, a basic solution, and a neutral solution.

What color will a solution with bromphenol blue change to with the following species in solution. Assume no ionization or disassociation occurs in the 1-pentanol layer. For the solution that is 0. A solution of volume 1L contains 0. If chlorphenol red turns orange? Without making detailed calculations, state what color the indicator will assume in each of the following solutions.

Two aqueous solutions are mixed. What is the pH of the resulting solution? Explain why the volume of 0. Sketch a titration curve for each of the following three weak acids when titrated with 0. Using appropriate equilibrium constants but without doing detailed calculations, determine whether a solution can be simultaneously.

Complete the derivation of equation A salt is an ionic compound formed by the reaction between an acid and a base. Salts are strong electrolytes that dissociate completely in water. This dissolution of salts in water often affects the pH of a solution. Salts that produce Neutral solutions. At the beginning of the semester, we talked about acid-base neutralization reactions. We determined that if equimolar amounts of strong acids and bases were mixed, the products were water and salts.

Starting with Neutralization of 1. This reaction would produce 1. Their concentrations would be: 1. Removal of the water, evaporation, would lead to the formation of NaNO 3 sa salt. The Strong bases have conjugate acids of negligible acidity. The strong base, NaOH, dissociates completely in water. The reverse reaction does not occur.

It has no basic activity. Any combination of these anions and cations will produce neutral solutions. Salts that produce Basic solutions.

Weak acids can be neutralized by strong bases to form water and salts. For example, As we have just learned, HF, a weak acid, does not dissociate completely in water. How can a strong base neutralize the HF completely, when only a small portion of the acid exists in the ionized form? LeChatelier's Principle.

It will react with the OH - from the strong base to form water. When this happens, we have removed one of the products of the equilibrium system.Already have an account?

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What textbook is this problem found in? Log in with Facebook. Log in with Gmail. Don't have an account? Sign up!Now, the base dissociation constant of the hypochlorite anions is calculated using the equation. So if you start with "0. If x "M" of hypochlorite anions ionize, then you get x "M" of hypochlorous acid and x "M" of hydroxide anions.

If x "M" of hypochlorite anions ionize, then you are left with 0. Now, you didn't provide a value for the base dissociation constant, but I can tell you that it's small enough to allow you to use the approximation. Since we've said that x "M" represents the equilibrium concentration of hydroxide anions, you will have.

Now all you have to do is to use the value of the base dissociation constant given to you--or you can simply do a quick search for the base dissociation constant of the hypochlorite anion--and plug it into the equation to find the "pH" of the solution.

The answer should be rounded to two decimal places because you have two sig figs for the concentration of the solution. What is the "pH" of a "0. Chemistry Acids and Bases pH. Stefan V. Apr 3, Related questions How do you determine pH from pKa?

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How do pH values of acids and bases differ? How do you calculate something on a pH scale? How do you calculate pH diprotic acid? How do you calculate pH from acid dissociation constant? How do you calculate pH of acid and base solution? Why is the pH scale ? Is pH a measure of the hydrogen ion concentration?

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How does solubility affect pH?When acids are added to aqueous salts of hypochlorous acid such as sodium hypochlorite in commercial bleach solutionthe resultant reaction is driven to the left, and chlorine gas is formed.

Thus, the formation of stable hypochlorite bleaches is facilitated by dissolving chlorine gas into basic water solutions, such as sodium hydroxide. The acid can also be prepared by dissolving dichlorine monoxide in water; under standard aqueous conditions, anhydrous hypochlorous acid is currently impossible to prepare due to the readily reversible equilibrium between it and its anhydride: [14].

The presence of light or transition metal oxides of coppernickelor cobalt accelerates the exothermic decomposition into hydrochloric acid and oxygen : [14]. Salts of hypochlorous acid are called hypochlorites. One of the best-known hypochlorites is NaClOthe active ingredient in bleach. HOCl reacts with ammonia to form monochloramine :. HOCl can also react with organic aminesforming N -chloroamines.

x c x hclo oh clo k

Hypochlorous acid reacts with a wide variety of biomolecules, including DNARNA[8] [15] [16] [17] fatty acid groups, cholesterol [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25] and proteins. Knox et al. This is because HClO oxidises sulfhydryl groups, leading to the formation of disulfide bonds [32] that can result in crosslinking of proteins. The HClO mechanism of sulfhydryl oxidation is similar to that of monochloramineand may only be bacteriostatic, because once the residual chlorine is dissipated, some sulfhydryl function can be restored.

Sulfenic acids form disulfides with another protein sulfhydryl group, causing cross-linking and aggregation of proteins. Sulfinic acid and R—SO 3 H derivatives are produced only at high molar excesses of HClO, and disulfides are formed primarily at bacteriocidal levels.

Hypochlorous acid reacts readily with amino acids that have amino group side-chains, with the chlorine from HClO displacing a hydrogen, resulting in an organic chloramine. Consistent with these results, it was later proposed that the chloramine undergoes a molecular rearrangement, releasing HCl and ammonia to form an aldehyde.

The sugar moieties are nonreactive and the DNA backbone is not broken. A second slower reaction that results in cleavage of the pyridine ring occurs when excess HClO is present. This reaction occurs by hydrolysis with addition of chlorine to one of the carbons and a hydroxyl to the other.

The resulting compound is a chlorohydrin. Disruption could occur if enough chlorohydrin is formed. InKnox et al. He proposed that the active agent or agents diffuse across the cytoplasmic membrane to inactivate key sulfhydryl -containing enzymes in the glycolytic pathway.

This group was also the first to note that chlorine solutions HOCl inhibit sulfhydryl enzymes. Later studies have shown that, at bacteriocidal levels, the cytosol components do not react with HOCl. It has been further shown that loss of sulfhydryls does not correlate with inactivation. The uptake of radiolabeled substrates by both ATP hydrolysis and proton co-transport may be blocked by exposure to HOCl preceding loss of viability.I played some small stakes spins on the jackpot slots (no life-changing win just yet.

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Hypochlorous acid

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x c x hclo oh clo k

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x c x hclo oh clo k

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x c x hclo oh clo k

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